Midnighter and Apollo are back for a mini series to close up some story elements that were left hanging from Midnighter’s solo series that recently ended. Midnighter is chasing after the man who experimented on him, Henry Bendix while Apollo is taking a trip to an alternate dimension where he may not return. Great first issue!
This was written by Steve Orlando and drawn by Fernando Blanco.

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1 thought on “Midnighter and Apollo #1 – DC Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

  1. I’m glad that Apollo is finally getting some attention. He’s always been overlooked in favor of Midnighter. Past writers have written Apollo as the “woman” of the relationship which really bothered me. Especially in the last Stormwatch series he was such a whiner, even questioning Midnighter’s sexuality. I’m glad that Steve Orlando is writing him as a stronger person. I loved the sex scene and the conversation afterward. I like that even though they have different opinions they still love each other and work well as a team.

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