Bobby Drake aka Iceman takes on Wolverine’s bisexual son – Daken. Although it is a short fight, we do get to see some slightly sexual tension between the two as well. It’s a great issue and we see more of Iceman’s personal life start to come to the surface with a huge shocking ending.

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1 thought on “Iceman #4 – Gay Marvel Comic Book Review: Iceman vs Daken SPOILERS

  1. I really enjoy this series. Sina is doing a great job. I loved that Bobby didn’t fall for Daken’s “charms” and fall all over him. Impaling Daken with an ice snowflake was a nice touch too. I hope that Daken becomes a recurring nemesis for Bobby. It will be fun for Bobby to have an enemy with sexual tension between them (not counting Mystique). The ending was a surprise and it will be interesting to see the reaction to it next issue.

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