Jox Treasure Hunter #3 & #4 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

Imagine Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, but blatantly gay. Also he’s an Elf-type of creature. Also, he’s no where near as skilled. In fact he always blunders and gets into ‘sticky situations.’ This is a Class Comics title, so expect lots of gay fun involved in it. Which means, lots of sex! This comic was written and drawn by Tom Cray.

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1 thought on “Jox Treasure Hunter #3 & #4 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (Spoilers)

  1. I wish that the stories weren’t so short either. I really enjoy how Jox bumbles from one adventure to the next. I hope we get to see Ganymede again, even though it looks like we may not. You know Jox and Reiwulf are gonna “meet” soon and it will be really hot. I love how revealing Jox’s costume is. I always like seeing a lot of skin in my male heroes. Class Comics never shies away from the beefcake for obvious reasons. I really wish mainstream comics had male heroes in more revealing costumes instead of covered up from neck to feet.

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