ManCrush Monday – Winston Duke aka M’Baku from Black Panther

After seeing Black Panther for the 3rd time, I realize that I was lusting after the wrong actor in the movie. I know Michael B Jordan and Chadwick Boseman are super smoking hot, but holy hell – give me Winston Duke. Seeing him sitting on his throne was just all kinds of fucking sizzling. I don’t know if he counts as a bear or not, but I’m imagining him having a nice hairy chest when he’s not getting movie prepped. I looked and unfortunately I can only find a couple shirtless pics and most were from behind the scene stuff for Black Panther.

Luckily, we have not seen the last of M’Baku who is more known for leading the gorilla cult and being called Man Ape in Marvel Comics. He will return back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the Avengers: Infinity War movie in May 2018. I am also confident that he will return back for Black Panther II, which we all know this is happening. No way is Disney going to NOT do this movie based on how incredibly badass this first movie was received and all the records being broken with the money that was made from it.

There’s a short interview with Winston over at GQ if you’re interested in reading it. Mostly on how he is receiving praise from his Black Panther performance and his interaction with some of his cast members and how he basically steals all the scenes that he is partaking in. It’s worth the read. Here’s the link:

Damn he looks good in a suit! (I have a slight suit fetish)

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