My Air Conditioner Works Again! (Deceiving Clickbait Picture)

My air-conditioner has been broken for six days. It was finally fixed this morning. It shouldn’t be an issue being that humans have existed without air-conditioning for years, but I have become quite dependent on them and I’m a wimp without it. I have depended on the kindness of friends and their awesome A/Cs to sleep at night. However I did endure it for a couple nights and had to sleep nearly naked. It’s not quite as sexy as you would think.

Anyways, this is a non-porn/non-geeky post whoring myself out for my site. Im also just happy for having air-conditioning again. I’ll never take it for granted ever again.

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5 thoughts on “My Air Conditioner Works Again! (Deceiving Clickbait Picture)

  1. There you are sleeping nude UNDER all of those super-heroes in their bulging tight spandex suits! There is NOTHING “wrong” with that picture!

  2. Curses!

    Thwarted again by those blasted Patreon promo boxes! Goddamn you all to hell!

    poses beside dilapidated Lady Liberty figure

  3. Damn those Patreon boxes. You are such a tease and I love it. Seriously I’m glad you got your AC fixed. It really sucks you had to wait that long for it to be fixed.

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