Naked Kombat – Tyler Rush vs Brock Avery – Dog Match UNCUT Review

Over at Kink.Com, there’s a series called Naked Kombat

These guys are fucking intense! I love the fighting and the nakedness of it all. The loser gets splacked at the end, which is the best! It’s pretty jizz worthy!

Today I reviewed Tyler Rush and Brock Avery’s wrestling match. I’ve mildly online stalked Tyler Rush for a couple months since finding out that he’s a hot geek. So any time he does a scene, I’m very excited about it. Check out my review of their match.

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This Scene Stars: Tyler Rush


Tyler Rush 2

Tyler Rush 7

And Brock Avery

Brock Avery

4 thoughts on “Naked Kombat – Tyler Rush vs Brock Avery – Dog Match UNCUT Review

  1. Marvel No-Prize goes to me! It’s from Legends of the Hidden Temple, produced and aired by Nickelodeon during the 90s!

    I was a little disappointed that Tyler didn’t top in the end. I was hoping to see the extroverted porn geek dominate the darker, hairier guy. Seems as though that could happen a lot more, though I’m not entirely certain how NK does their point system, or even whether or not the matches themselves are staged. They probably are, but I get off on imagining that they aren’t. 🙂

    Great review, as per usual, Paulie.

    (Also, I really like how Tyler got three pics on this site, as opposed to Brock getting just the one.)

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