Nasty Pig Union Suits Are Awesome! (Patreon ‘Advertising’ Post)

I like to say I whore myself out for my Patreon site, but I’ve had a couple of you say that a nicer way to see it is that I’m ‘selling’ myself or ‘Advertising’ myself. I like those terms better. Although I don’t mind being a whore either. You know what I mean. Giggity. But the I do love this Union Suit from Nasty Pig. Thank you Billy! You are awesome for getting me this. Red is my favorite color too, so it’s even better. It’s so comfy. I’ve slept in it 3 nights in a row.

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2 thoughts on “Nasty Pig Union Suits Are Awesome! (Patreon ‘Advertising’ Post)

  1. It looks really, really good on you too. I don’t think it matters if you “advertise” or “whore” your Patreon site. We know what you mean 😀

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