New Mutants Trailer – I Am Not a Fan

Have you seen the trailer for the New Mutants? It looks like a horror movie. Which would be fine and a new approach. Fox is trying to keep everything as ‘real’ as they can, but I’m just not digging this. They want to recreate a movie as successful as the Logan movie and I can see that they want to stay away from costumes and stereotypical comic book scenarios, but this just didn’t pull me in. What do you think?

1 thought on “New Mutants Trailer – I Am Not a Fan

  1. Honestly, I… liked it.

    Granted, I will reserve my final judgment after viewing the movie, like always. But the horror scenario is refreshing. Plus, I like the idea of a group of teens with powers confronting things that are bigger and more powerful than they are. The idea that having powers CAN’T save you, not alone anyway, would be an interesting twist.

    Also, far as I hear it, this is based off the Demon Bear story arc from The New Mutants comic book run way back in the 80s. So it does have its roots in the comic book continuity.

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