Iceman and Blue Ranger – Check out this Art from RageGearStudios!

Whoa!!! Check this out. I am huge fan of the artwork of Rage Gear Studios, and this Iceman meets the Blue Ranger pic just made me fangasm. I’ve costumed as both of these characters too. Just saying. There are a couple people on this site and one of the artists that I have followed for some time is Rey Arzeno. He is just fantastic in all ways! This artist has made many other pieces on the Rage Gear Studios site that you should check out. I’m personally loving his Thunder League mash up.

Check out Rage Gear Studios other work over at:

Oh, if you didn’t know, Rey Arzeno drew my original GayComicGeek costume concept. The ORIGINAL GayComicGeek costume pictured below. Although at the time he was known as Ezra O’Neary. He’s that fracking awesome! The original piece did not have red pants…that was added later.

2 thoughts on “Iceman and Blue Ranger – Check out this Art from RageGearStudios!

  1. I barely know this guy and I’m already falling in love with him, unfortunately I’m already committed to our future marriage Paul
    So …. nevermind

  2. The Iceman/Blue Ranger pic is incredible. I haven’t heard of Rage Gear Studios before. I’m definitely going to check them out.

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