Rebirth – Red Robin, BumbleBee, Artemis and Super-Man’s Costumes – Closer Look

Detective Team

Notice that there’s a “-” in this Super-Man’s name? Anyways, over at, DC Comics has slowly been showing some of the redesigned looks of characters after the Rebirth DC Universe. Timothy Jackson Drake (Wayne) is a character that I love. He is a character that I have followed since before I even knew that other Robins existed. I was not a fan of his New 52 look and origin. His costume included a winged-cape and a lot of unnecessary flair to his look. His origin now changed the idea that he was NEVER a Robin and his name was not really Tim Drake and that his parents were in a witness protection program. It just seemed ridiculous. Back to his looks, this new costume is set to be shown in the future Detective Comics books. It is much more traditional and looks similar to his original Robin costume. I am liking it the more I see it. I understand the ‘RR’ on his chest, but I’m not the biggest fan of it. Below is the picture shown at Comics Book Resources. I am sure it will grow on me. What do you think?

Rebirth ROBIN

We also got Bumblebee in costume (finally!) along with what Artemis will look like. She definitely looks more warrior-like. We also have a picture for that that like Bizarro. I am sure there are some people that are fans of him. Super-Man has a cool design from what is being shown. I have a theory that he gained his ability from the death of the previous New 52 Superman. Terry McGinnis is taking back the Batman Beyond mantle as well and his costume, which is not altered too much, is also shown. I’m liking what I am seeing so far. I cannot wait to read DC Comics in the next couple of months to see how everything is going to play out. Are you liking these designs?

3 thoughts on “Rebirth – Red Robin, BumbleBee, Artemis and Super-Man’s Costumes – Closer Look

  1. I wish they kept the winged cape for the Rebirth costume. It was something that made Tim unique. I think it would have looked better with just red & black so it would stand out from Damian’s Robin outfit. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Tim in Detective Comics.

  2. I am more of the wait and see kind of guy I mean for one Tim Drakes Hairstyle in Rebirth looks like the one in the Young Justice Cartoon so for me that’s a plus. But I don’t know it’s a wait and see for me

  3. I kind of wished it looked less like Robin. Maybe closer to the Uthernet (sp?) costume. It’s just cause when looking at that spread with all the characters it’s easy to mix those two up. However I am looking to see how Detective Comics turns out.

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