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I get asked this almost every other day, but my favorite superhero is Robin. Tim Drake to be more specific since there have been many Robins through the years. But Tim Drake is my boy and I grew up thinking that he was the ONLY Robin since he had the title when I started into comic books. In my humble opinion, he was the best Robin also. Physically he was not the strongest as he constantly was beaten by superior that were stronger than him or a better more ruthless fighter like Jason Todd. He also was the not the best acrobat as Dick Grayson holds that title hands down. But Drake was the smartest out of all the Robins by a long shot. He compensated his physical side with his intellectual side and was more like Bruce Wayne than any other Robin. Drake is also much smarter than Wayne was when Bruce was at Tim’s age. So growing a gay geek, I really looked up to Tim Drake a lot.

So every couple months I like to pay tribute to the title of Robin. But what is funny is that even though I love him more than any other character, I also like to see him tied up and sexualized a bit. Ok, well I like to see adult male costumers dress up as him and be very sexual in their costumes. A lot. I have much more respect for all the times that Robin has been used as the hostage and that he’s been beaten by the villains.

Robin-219 SMALLER

I get a lot of people asking me to be tied up and take pics of myself in my own various Robin costumes. I have taken a couple pics here and there for my Patrons over at site. I just need some more photographers and some willing villains to take some pics with me. Most of my friends are straight and it’s tough to take pics with hetero costumers. Everyone has limits and I respect them. But gay cosplayers are much more willing to do certain sexual stuff in pics than hetero guys. Any volunteers? Regardless, here’s a bunch of Robin pics. Some costumers and some drawn stuff. All awesome.

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