Why is this picture hot to me?

Why is this hot to me

I’m not a smoker of anything myself. Personally I do not like the smell of tobacco and try to avoid it if possible. Cigars and marijuana smell, I’m neutral on it (yes I do support the legalization of marijuana within the U.S.) And other than old 50’s TV shows, I have only seen two people in real life that smoke from actual pipes. So I have never really thought much about them. But for some reason, this guy in the pic above with a pipe in his mouth turns me on. I know there’s a big fetish out there, or maybe not a fetish, but more of a culture that enjoys seeing guys with big cigars or cigarettes in there mouth. I have never seen the big appeal, but I understand the feeling of it. Pipes usually mean nothing to me, but this guy with a pipe in his mouth totally turns me on. Maybe it’s the uniform added in with the smug smile that he has there. Confidence is a huge turn on for me. So maybe that’s it. I have no idea to be honest. But I enjoy this picture and want to see more like it.

3 thoughts on “Why is this picture hot to me?

  1. I like the expression on his face. He’d be just as attractive if the pipe were gone.

  2. I love reading your commentary. I smoke Cherry Cigars and a Pipe with Classic Half and Half tobacco from time to time. I probably smoke more than I should, but living in a small town with not much to do & lack finances, it keeps me content.

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