Sebastian Stan – I am Crushing on him so Hard!

Sebastian GaySebastian Gay 2

Not sure why, but I’ve been crushing on Sebastian Stan (the Winter Soldier) a lot lately. Of course I knew him best from the movie, the Covenant and he was a sexy witch/warlock. But even his short time on Once Upon a Time was great. I really wish he’d reprise his Mad Hatter role at some point.

Sebastian Stan 14Sebastian CovenantSebastian Mad Hatter 1Sebastian Mad Hatter 2

Have you ever seen him with his shirt off? Or with his tongue out? Or just heard him laugh? According to a lot of behind the scene interviews and from his costars, he’s apparently a huge jokester and loves to laugh. Almost incessantly, at least according to Empire Magazine. Which I love a smiling happy guy. They’re so much fun.

KingsSebastian ShirtlessSmilingSebastian Tongue

Of course Sebastian’s gay scenes in the series Political Animals and playing a gay role in the short lived series Kings has nothing to do with his sexiness, but it’s still great that he has played gay roles in the past. Regardless of the fact, I love his acting, his looks totally sell him and he’s the goddamn Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So I love him even more!

Cap and BuckyBucky and Cap

Anyways, here’s a couple hot pics of Sebastian, because, why not?

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  1. Yes, He is Verrrry hot with a crazy body! The guy he’s kissing in the first shot is one of my former students, Colin Baja.

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