Robin and Joker

I had a great photoshoot this week! I decided to retire one of my oldest Robin costumes and I thought the best way to get retire it was to have it ripped up and smeared with fake blood in a small set designed to make Robin look like he was captured and beaten. And tied up. I was with my buddies Dan and Andrew. Dan dressed up as the Riddler, and Andrew did his famous Joker cosplay.


Both these guys are straight and incredibly good with their sexuality. We had to keep the pics more PG-13 since both their girlfriends were present and wanted to see the end results. Although, Andrew’s girlfriend seemed to want the pics get a bit gayer than we did them. The finished results were great. The photographer, Emily Morgan Photography was great. She mostly does weddings and other events and had never done a shoot at night like this, but she was great and learned a lot about scene location photos. Hopefully she will be able to do more shoots later down the line.


Later this week I’ll get the unedited pics, which was a little over a 100 pics and post to my on my Patreon site for my Patrons. Anyways, my Patrons will get the vast majority of the pics. Afterall, this was a request from one of my Patrons, so they deserve it. But I will post a couple pics here and there to everyone else. All the pics I’ve loaded in this entry were taken on my phone. Some of the pics are great, some are us breaking up laughing, others were- WTF did we do? We definitely have to learn how to tie a guy up. I’ll contact Amp aka Tyler Rush for my next shoot. That was probably the biggest thing we did completely wrong. Maybe next time I’ll have another gay guy there too so that I can get more sexual pics with him doing a lot more risky stuff. Maybe I can tie him up…hmmm….that would be fun. Any volunteers?

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