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Superman Family vs. The Anti-Superman Family, Darth Vader Gets His Ass Kicked and More – Comic Book Day 7/12/2017

It’s comic book day! A couple good ones made the list this week.

In Action Comics #983 – A blind Superman gets help from all the other S-Shield wearing good guys. Their opponents – Zod and S-Shield wearing bad guys. And Metallo and Blanque.
Darth Vader #3 – Vader still has not completely adjusted to his new armor/cybernetics. He gets his ass handed to him by a Jedi, but this is not the end by a long shot!
Edge of Venomverse #2 – GwenPool or in this case, VenGwen or GwenVen or VenomPoolGwen…whatever, she gets introduced into the mix.
Justice League of America #10 – Curse of the Kingbutcher part 1. The Kingbutcher is destroying wishes. Yes I said that correctly. And the Justice League is stepping in to stop him. The Ray has a particular interest in this storyline.
Spider-Men II #1 – Who is the OTHER Miles Morales. Yes, there is another Miles Morales that exists in the Marvel universe. Who is he?
The Flash #26 – Barry Allen agrees to go into the Negative Speed force to save Iris from Reverse Flash. That is not going to end well at all!
Wonder Woman #26 – Diana attends a wedding for some down time. But she’s Wonder Woman. She can’t have down time. Something explosive happens at the end of this issue.
Venom #152- Eddie Brock/Venom vs. a lot of Dinosaur Men. Hell’s yeah!
Titans #13 – Who is the traitor on the Titans? Omen starts to suspect everyone. But is there more to this?

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1 thought on “Superman Family vs. The Anti-Superman Family, Darth Vader Gets His Ass Kicked and More – Comic Book Day 7/12/2017

  1. I think Thawne is in love with Barry too. Why else would he try so hard to destroy Barry? Zod really kicked the Superman Family’s ass in Action Comics. I was hoping the fights wouldn’t be done so quickly but it shows what a threat Zod is. If Conner was there I think the S-Family would’ve done better. I liked the new creators on Wonder Woman but felt things with Etta were a little to cheerful. The end of Rucka’s run had Etta really upset with Diana and I would’ve liked to see that continue a bit with the new team. I also read Dark Days-The Casting #1 and Detective Comics. So, Batman is smart enough to realize that there is a “Dark Crisis” coming but can’t figure out that Tim Drake is still alive?! WTF….that really pissed me off.

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