The Legend of Korra – Korra and Asami’s Story Continues With Dark Horse Comic

I love the Avatar The Last Airbender series and I felt as though the The Legend of Korra was a great continuation within their universe. Dark Horse is making a comic book story to continue on the adventure of Korra and Asami in the Spirit World. There was a lot of controversy with Korra and the other lead female character, Asami, being a couple by the end of the cartoon series. I think it was a great move. They had hinted at it throughout the last season and I feel as though it was very tastefully done. The first part to the comic book story entitled Turf Wars is currently out. Video review on it coming soon! Here’s a video that Nickelodeon has released. The comic was written by co-creator Mike DiMartino and the art was by Irene Koh.

The comic book is available at: