Here is the second issue to the adventures of Terrell Smith, The Luminous FireFly. He is a gay African American teenager vigilante. He has new found powers and is on his way to become a superhero to right the wrongs done to his mother. This issue establishes his supporting characters both in high school and in his foster home.

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2 thoughts on “The Luminous FireFly #2 – Rapid Fire Gay Comic Book Review

  1. Wow! I really want to read this. The costume looks amazing, both the ‘finished’ version and the ‘rough draft’ version that was shown on the front cover. I like the idea of this character, just based on what you’ve told us. The art style looks interesting as well.

    I look forward to more reviews on this when the next issue comes out. Good job!

  2. I bought the first issue so I’m glad the second one is out. Do you think that those blank pages are intentional? Maybe for artist sketches at comic conventions or something. It’s odd that they would print blank pages for no reason.

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