Trinity #1, Batman #5, Nightwing #5 & Cyborg #1 – Comic Load 9/21/2016


It is comic book day! A good one too. This week we got Cyborg #1, Batman #5, Nightwing #5, Superman #7, Green Lanterns #7, and the first issue to the new Trinity Series starring Batman, Wonder Woman and of course- SUPERMAN!

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1 thought on “Trinity #1, Batman #5, Nightwing #5 & Cyborg #1 – Comic Load 9/21/2016

  1. I love that a lot of DC titles are bi-weekly. So many comics to read (YAY). I thought Batman & Nightwing were a good start to Monster Men. You just know that cave is going to be bad news. I read Harley Quinn #4 (phone scams + call centers + robot guard + Harley = FUN) and Vision #11 (the prophecy came true but not how it should have). Back to reading.

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