Vintage Gay Males Pics of Our Past (Gallery of Pics)

I saw an article recently about two men getting married back in 1957 to which their photos were withheld because of the owner of the drugstore to which the negatives were being developed, deemed these wedding photos to be inappropriate. He refused to return the photos to the grooms. The grooms have never been identified. To read that article head over to that Advocate.

However seeing these pics just makes me want to search out other vintage pics of those that had to hide their own sexuality in times that could potentially place them in jail or worse. Times are still not perfect for the LGBT community by a long shot but we have come very far in terms of acceptance. I’ve collected (stolen) a lot of pics in the past and I just feel like they should be spread as much as possible.

Granted, I will admit that some of these pictures of men being affectionate are probably just friends. The whole toxic idea of a man being close to other as being a negative quality is much more of a modern thing than anything else. Regardless, just the closeness that men were allowed to show and not be looked down on in society is refreshing.

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