Who Else is a Cuddler? (Be Prepared, Adorable Picture Gallery Ahead)

I would cuddle the fuck out of you! Figuratively…although sometimes literally too. I’m a cuddler. I admit it and I love it. I know it’s not a popular idea, but sometimes I would love to just lay in bed and ACTUALLY do the real Netflix and Chill thing. That phrase means something else to most guys, but for me, I want to lay back and just cuddle while watching some cheesy show/movie/whatever. Those kind of nights are what I look forward to the most. Obviously there are many times that I’m horny as fuck, but there are many other times I just want the intimacy and affection of another guy. I’m also that guy that wants to fall asleep and hold my guy close all night long. Are there any other cuddlers?

This picture above is me after a tired day of walking for about 12 hours when I met up with my buddy – DannyLantern. He said he’d carry me to his home. I enjoy cuddling a lot!

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3 thoughts on “Who Else is a Cuddler? (Be Prepared, Adorable Picture Gallery Ahead)

  1. I love that photo of you and Danny Lantern! 😀

    I am a complete cuddling slut. I love cuddling in big piles, getting all warm and comfy together, and either just enjoying being close to one another or watching something. Or both!

    And yeah, sometimes I am horny as fuck, but I love the intimacy of closeness. It’s one of the truly awesome things about polygamy. 🙂

  2. I would love it is you cuddled the fuck out of me . I love the closeness and intimacy that cuddling creates. That is a really cute picture of you and Danny. He seems like such a sweetie.

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