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RocketMenStudio Drew this pic of the GayComicGeek Character, and holy fuck it’s awesome!

RocketMenStudio just drew this pic of me with Batman and Superman, and holy fuck! I fucking love sexy pics like this. I’m gonna have to post this pic everywhere now. Check out his Tumblr site at: to see his other work. This guy is a fucking genius!

Rocket Studio GayComicGeek Picture

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Contest WINNERS!!!!

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The Contest winners had more categories that I thought it would have initially. With all of the submissions, my friends had to make new categories. Including, the Most Tenacious, with the multiple entries by Devon Chenoweth and the animation category by Gene Lightfoot. Also, Christian Ashlar entered a story with a art piece, so he had to win too!

With that being said, the fo...

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Last Contest Submission- Beke Notsalony (and it involves Tentacles, yay!)

Dominion – By Notsalony

Hot wet velvety heat enveloped his swollen cock as the faceless man swallowed him whole, the faceless man on his dick reaching back to spread his shapely bubble butt as he kneaded the muscular ass. His mouth fell open as another hand reached down and began to stroke his balls, more hands seeming to come from no where, latching onto his flesh to stroke and tease as they moved about his wanton flesh...

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Contest Submission – FanFic From the Destroyer (WOW, hot and sad at the same time!)

The Defeat Of Gay Comic Geek

By “Destroyer”

They had been watching him for a good while. The Gay Comic Geek had been patrolling the convention on the grounds that there had been threats made—and he was absolutely right. Little did he know that this was truly a trap to capture and destroy the hot hero.

Screams erupted from the crowd as two muscular goons emerged. One in a tight black spandex suit, with a mask to match, and another dressed all in white...

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Another Contest Submission! From Deathstrums!


Deathstrums (Dom) in Venom Attire taking 12 inches of GCG

Art Page:

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Two more GayComicGeek – Contest Submissions from DarkarWulf and David S!

This first admission is from DarkarWulf. You just gotta love that he used a Green Lantern and Hyperion in this pic! Very random, but awesome!

Jerry Lewis DarkarWulf

Next is from David S, which incorporates Spider-Man and Venom!

David Scanlon

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Contest Ends TOMORROW!

So I got a lot of contest entries this past couple of months, but the contest does end tomorrow. Here are the art pieces that have been turned in. I think I know which fan-fic is going to win. There may be a different winner based on something else, I have to consult my Oracle (straight male best friends) as to how to divide up the winners. But the winners will be announced by the end of the week!

If you want to submit a late submission, please sent to my email by the end of tomorrow, 5/5/2015: ...

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Contest Submission – Fan Fic from Long Haired Creepy Guy (Contest ends next week!)

Gay Comic Geek:
Captain Staffelcock and the Ass-Jammers

by That Long-Haired Creepy Guy

Captain’s Log, Solar Sun Date: G179-ADX

Since our escape from Earth via the Miami Space Port, the crew and I have had little time to relax and enjoy ourselves. It is only recently that the Bacardi Mix flew far enough past the Moon’s orbit to be considered beyond the range of Earth’s jurisdiction. The space patrol of the One Nation Earth government were relentless, but we’ve stayed one step ahead thus far...

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Fan Art – Contest Entry- by Choklit Daddy!


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GCG Fan Fic Contest Entry – Part 3 to Devon Chenoweth’s submission

Phase 3: The Monster

So there I was, cum dripping out from my hole, still bound to a table and both men who fucked me were standing a few feet away, recovering from the work they did on me. I heard light footsteps and a gentle hand glided across my face. I look to see this gorgeous stud of a geek. Black rimmed glasses, thin, yet a bit toned leaving nothing to the imagination. His dick was perfect, the arch the length, damn I wanted to taste it...

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