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The Death of Superman – DC Universe Animated Movie Review – 2018 (SPOILERS)

The Death of Superman storyline from 1992-1993 is iconic in its portrayal of the Last Son of Krypton finally meeting his end at the hands of the monster Doomsday. The comic was reprinted numerous times because it continually sold out. There have been a couple attempts to make an animated movie based on this story. The live action Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie vaguely had some components with Doomsday character and Superman’s death, but it was poorly executed...

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Teen Titans: The Judas Contract – DC Animated Movie Review (SPOILERS)

The New 52 animated universe is not my particular favorite animated universe. But the Judas Contract is not quite as bad as I thought it would be. I was pleasantly entertained and enjoyed this movie. Maybe it was because Damian wasn’t the central figure this time around. Regardless, I do recommend watching this. It is not the best of the DC Animated movies, but it was by far not the worst either.

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Batman and Harley Quinn – Upcoming DC Animated Movie

there will be an upcoming Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie from DC Entertainment. I am excited for this, if anything just to have Kevin Conroy reprise the voice of Batman. In my humble opinion, he is the definitive voice of Batman in any animated format. Harley Quinn will be voiced by Big Bang Theory’s – Melissa Rausch. I think her voice is perfect! She already sounds like Harley in Big Bang Theory as it is...

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Animated/Art Gay Geeky Superhero Drawings and Gifs – Let’s Shine Some Happiness This Week (NSFW)


First, I am sorry if you work in retail this week. I know it will be tough over the weekend. I have been there myself and it was hell. Otherwise, I do hope that this is a positive week for everyone. I figured let’s start it off with some great gooey gay art and GIFs. Because I’m a perve and the Little Geeker in my pants gets tingled seeing these images. Enjoy!

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Buffy The Animated Series – Never Happened, But Could Have Been Awesome!


I would love to see a Buffy The Vampire Slayer animated series. I am a huge Buffy fan. Loved the show (I pretend the movie is an alternate universe), loved the spin off of Angel, always hoped for a Faith series, still read the comics and I even check for any potential news of a new spin off or maybe even an animated series. There was talks of a possible animated series back in 2008, and scripts were even written for a first season...

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Robin – The New Batman Adventures Toy Figure Review from DC Collectibles

Robin Animated FINAL (2).Movie_Snapshot

Robin! He is the first sidekick in comic book world. Although this depiction is not THE first sidekick, as that mantle goes to the Dick Grayson version of Robin, but still this is a Robin. This toy version of the Tim Drake Robin depicted on Batman the Animated series was cool for his short reign. The figure is very faithful to his animated counterpart.

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Batman: Bad Blood – DC Animated Movie Review

Batman Bad Blood (3).Movie_Snapshot

The new Batman animated movie is out. This time Batman has gone missing and Nightwing must fill in his shoes, otherwise Gotham City’s villains will take over. But he is not alone as several other vigilantes step in to also help fill the void. Not a bad movie, but definitely not the best DC Animated movie. Check out my thoughts on the movie in the video below.

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Justice League – Gods and Monsters Animated Movie Review


This was a pretty good. I know a lot of haters don’t want to see Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as anti-heroes, but I liked this story. It’s completely different from what we’re used to seeing, but I think it was a pretty cool change. Here’s my almost non-spoilery video review.

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Bhahaha, this is a surprisingly funny clip of an Animated Lois Lane that should be made into a real cartoon

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Batman – The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

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