It’s the second part of the storyline – A Lonely Place of Living – that features the return of Tim Drake. There are some huge storyline ramifications that deal with the DC Universe as a whole and could totally change up what we knew about the current history. This is HUGE! Major spoilers in this video.

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My boy and favorite superhero of all time, Tim Drake aka Red Robin, is back! He’s been locked up by Mr. Oz for reasons unknown, but not for long. He’s breaking out and teaming up with some other inmates. MAJOR SPOILERS in this review.

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Many of you know that I’m a huge Tim Drake fan. In fact he is my definitive favorite superhero of all time. Not just favorite sidekick, but actual superhero. He was taken away by the mysterious (but recently revealed) Mr. Oz. The reasons why Tim was taken and imprisoned have remained a huge mystery in DC Comics. The only real clue is that Tim was connecting threads that shouldn’t be connected.


What the hell does that mean? I have no idea. Lots of theories have been posted on many forums. As to which are legit and which are totally far reaching? Who knows? But we will be finding out the answer or at least some reasoning behind everything in the coming weeks.


Detective Comics #965, titled: A Lonely Place of Living, hits stands on 9/27/2017. This is playing on Tim’s first storyline back in 1990 during Batman #441 called A Lonely Place of Dying. So it is fitting. The storyline looks to contain more than just one Tim Drake in it as different versions of him have been plucked from the timestream. Still though, no one is really close to figuring out why as of yet.


I am super stoked about this, obviously. Tim has been in limbo for a year and it’s been tough reading about everyone else go through their Rebirth and have him set to the side. I am very hopeful that he will also lead a new team that could possibly bring back many other characters like the REAL Superboy, Wonder Girl and Impulse. Young Justice Season 3 is being animated, so it is a very strong possibility. Anyways, here’s some Tim Drake images below. Just because.


This week we still have no Tim Drake showing up. He’s mentioned and a nice little memorial is set up, but he will be in limbo for a long time. Hal and Sinestro duke it out in Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corp. The Prowler makes his return back in the pages of Marvel in the Clone Conspiracy. Both Wally Wests officially meet and become buddies over in the Flash. Wonder Woman reconnects with Steve Trevor. Superman meets the new Lana Lang Superwoman in Action Comics. The Titans continue on fighting against Kadabra. The Prowler has returned and is a clone in the Clone Conspiracy. And Terry fights against the Jokers Gang in his first issue. This is my comic load for this week.
Detective Comics #943
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #7
The Prowler #1
The Flash #9
Wonder Woman #9
Superman Action Comics #966
Titans #4
Batman Beyond #1

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Totally not expecting this issue to end in this way. Lots of speculation as to the overall storyline within the DC Universe that is being affected by the REBIRTH titles. Tim Drake is a major player and his role will be much different from this point forward. Major SPOILERS in this video.

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Detective Comics has returned back to their original numbering and is now back at #934. Issue number 1000 is just a couple years away. Anyways, this issue marks the first issue that brings together the Bat-sidekicks into a cohesive group under the guidance of Batman and Batwoman. This should be interesting being that Batwoman has never really be a part of the Batfamily. Here’s my thoughts on this new direction that DC Comics is taking with the Dark Knight and my boy, Tim Drake- aka Red Robin.

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