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Slaveboy in Space – GayComicGeek Fan Fic

JezzaSmilez_GCGvsCockMonster is a great writer for fan fics. Recently he wrote a story involving me, or my alter ego-mu GayComicComic superhero character. I have to admit, this turned me on a lot. On paper, I’m a lot more freaky than I like to admit, and I definitely love reading about my character being humiliated. Here’s LoverBoyBlues first chapter to this story where I am kidnapped by space aliens and I’m already turned into a sex slave. I can’t wait to read the next part!

Slaveboy in Space
by P...

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Contest Submission – Fan Fic from Long Haired Creepy Guy (Contest ends next week!)

Gay Comic Geek:
Captain Staffelcock and the Ass-Jammers

by That Long-Haired Creepy Guy

Captain’s Log, Solar Sun Date: G179-ADX

Since our escape from Earth via the Miami Space Port, the crew and I have had little time to relax and enjoy ourselves. It is only recently that the Bacardi Mix flew far enough past the Moon’s orbit to be considered beyond the range of Earth’s jurisdiction. The space patrol of the One Nation Earth government were relentless, but we’ve stayed one step ahead thus far...

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GCG Fan Fic Contest Entry – Part 3 to Devon Chenoweth’s submission

Phase 3: The Monster

So there I was, cum dripping out from my hole, still bound to a table and both men who fucked me were standing a few feet away, recovering from the work they did on me. I heard light footsteps and a gentle hand glided across my face. I look to see this gorgeous stud of a geek. Black rimmed glasses, thin, yet a bit toned leaving nothing to the imagination. His dick was perfect, the arch the length, damn I wanted to taste it...

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Contest Entry- GCG Pounded by the Blue Power Ranger (FUCK YEAH!) and Story by Christian Ashlar

Christian Ashlar

Small white flickers of light woke the young man lying on the cold steel table. These same flickers of light danced around the backs of his eyes as he tried to sit up without the world spinning. He was dizzy, unable to focus and unsure of where he was. Breathing was still a chore and attempting to focus his eyes was impossible.
“Well, well, look who decided to wake up.”
The voice sounded like it came from all around him...

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GCG Contest Submission by Michael Smith- Star-Hammer and a “Tail” of Two Paul’s

Star-Hammer and a “Tail” of Two Paul’s.

Fan-fiction, Starring: The Gay Comic Geek:

Written By: Micheal Smith

Sleep had never felt so good; and as Paul wakes from a deep penetrating rest, the whole world seems renewed with vigor: to that of our hero. And as the sun now breaks through the cold winter glass, rays of warmth wash across his pale naked form. His body now yawns and stretches, elongating his anatomy, and pronouncing each and every chiseled ab with decadent delight...

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