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Shatterstar – Marvel Legends Toy Figure Review – Warlock BAF Series

The bisexual Shatterstar finally gets the Marvel Legends treatment. Even better is that it’s the 90’s version of Shatterstar. Not that the current version is horribly drawn, but I like classic Shatterstar so much better...

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Ms. Marvel – Marvel Legend Toy Figure Review From The Sandman Wave

Kamela Khan has been made into a Marvel Legend figure finally,. For the most part, she is a very well made sculpt. She is part of the Sandman line and is a welcomed member of the Avengers toy figures.

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Carnage – Marvel Select Toy Review (Attack of the Symbiote!)

Carnage, the Marvel Select figure. This guy is beautiful! Carnage’s alter ego, Kletus Kassidy, is probably the second most famous of all the symbiote wearing characters in the Marvel Universe...

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Venom – Marvel Select Toy Figure Review – The Lethal Protector

Venom! The original Eddie Brock version of Venom is by far my favorite of the hosts to have the Venom symbiote in the Marvel Universe. He has had numerous mini-series and ongoing series in the past to document his adventures...

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Daredevil – Marvel Select Toy Figure Review


Thank you Johnny aka Rashnu for getting me Daredevil! He’s gorgeous and I will happily add him to my Marvel Select Family...

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Gambit – Marvel Select Classic Action Toy Figure Review


Who doesn’t love a good Cajun Mutant? Gambit also known as Remy Lebeau is one of the more famous X-Men of the 90s. He maintained as a steady member of the X-Teams for a good part of the 2000s and was both a hero and villain to the team...

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Civil War II – #5 – Marvel Comic Book Review


Civil II rages through the Marvel Universe. Captain Marvel has her team set up to take down Tony Stark and his other team of superheroes. This issue has the actual fighting that is finally taking place...

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Alan Ritchson – Shazam? That’s What He is Tweeting


I don’t know if I buy it or not, but actor Alan Ritchson tweeted that he will be playing Shazam, DC’s Captain Marvel opposite of the Rock, Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam) in the upcoming DC Movie. Is this true? His tweet was the following:

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Civil War II #4 – Marvel Comic Book Review

Comic Load 8 3 2016 (8).Movie_Snapshot

Half way through the second Civil War among the superheroes in the Mavel Universe and the big battle is about to start. The lines are definitive and both Captain Marvel and Iron Man have their team made up. Next issue is the big event!

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Civil War II #3 – Marvel Comic Book Review (HOLY CRAP!)

Civil War II 3 FINAL (2).Movie_Snapshot

The Civil War II is going on within the Marvel Universe and this issue has a major event take place. Something that many readers never thought they would see. Or at least no one thought would happen in the main Marvel continuity...

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