Dragon Con 2018 – Greatest Cosplay Convention Ever! (Lots of Pics)

I mention Dragon Con almost every year since I have been attending, but in case you are new to my site, I need to prepare you for lots of cosplaying activity. The convention itself celebrates the attendees far more than the special guests and panels as oppose to the average comic convention. The attendees in cosplay average much higher than almost any other convention that I have attended. What is better is that the cosplays are from every geeky genre that you can imagine. Only on this convention can you see someone dressed as Rainbow Brite having a beer with someone costumed as Spider-Man. It is an great weekend and usually a lot of shenanigans take place all throughout the day and night. Here’s a few of the pictures that I took and some sneak peak of pics that I took privately for my Patreon site for other purposes. Enjoy!

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1 thought on “Dragon Con 2018 – Greatest Cosplay Convention Ever! (Lots of Pics)

  1. These Are Great Photos Overall With Plenty Of Hot Guys & Bulge. Love The Photo Of The Gay Comic Geek Kissing Superman – Hot

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