Power Con 2018 – Masters of the Universe Convention

Personally I was not able to make it to Power Con 2018 but on location was my correspondent Dom Daddy Michael. He took tons of pics and even went to a few of the panels. Lots of cool figures coming our way from toy makers of Super7. There’s a few She-Ra/He-Man 12 inch dolls being made as well. Check out his cool pics below.

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3 thoughts on “Power Con 2018 – Masters of the Universe Convention

  1. I liked all that is here, sex puns were a little unexpected, but still little like Simpsons Nelson with some of them.
    After that it was a ‘Isnt that the dude from Thundercats.. Yes it is.. There’s SNARF!! ‘ BIG Thundercats fan.

    And I liked the hand-painted masks too, some of those were pretty cool.

  2. I had fun being the GCG correspondent. It was really cool seeing what was coming down the road for the MOTU fans & collectors. I just wish a certain geeky stud could’ve been there. I hope maybe next year.

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