New Kids Cartoon on Hulu – ‘Bravest Knight’ – Will be a Fairy Tale Featuring Gay Dads

A new cartoon is coming to Hulu called The Bravest Knight. (See attached trailer below) This is based on Daniel Errico’s 2014 book “The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived.” The series focuses on Nia (Storm Reid), the daughter of a former pumpkin farmer, Sir Cedric (voiced by T.R. Knight), and Prince Andrew (Wilson Cruz). The two men are happily married. Sir Cedric is recounting his tales to their daughter Nia and “on how he transformed from day-time farmer to full-fledged knight.”

Nia herself is training to one day become a brave knight while she “learns important values such as honor, justice and compassion.”

I’m sure everyone has already seen the articles about the cartoon “Arthur” showing his teacher wedding Mr Ratburn marrying his husband and some of the backlash from conservative groups have initiated against it. I am quite happy that Hulu is progressively moving forward to show that kids cartoons can show a variety of families. This may be meant for a different age bracket, but when has that stopped me from watching kids cartoons?

The first five episodes of “The Bravest Knight” will debut on Hulu June 21. There will be a total of 13 episodes AND will feature the voices of RuPaul, Christine Baranski, Wanda Sykes, Donna Murphy and Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean.

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