Trick 2 – Coming in 2019 – Just in Time for Its 20th Anniversary!

Director Jim Fall released this image made by Jayson Rivest announcing that Trick 2 is being made and set for release in 2019, just in time for the original’s 20th anniversary. HOLY HELL, I’m excited! Jim Hall is the director of the first Trick and I absolutely love this movie! It is the first gay movie I saw when I was younger and it was also one of the few movies that made me feel so much hope about my sexuality. No details have been given as of yet to the plot, or if the original main characters and their actors would be a part of this, with the exception that Drag Queen – Coco Peru will be reprising her role and that Tori Spelling would be making a cameo as well. The image released does show the Los Angeles city skyline over the New York City skyline. This could be showing homage to the original movie taking place in NYC while taking place in a new setting. Or maybe the movie will take place in both cities this time around. The main character of Gabe could have became a successful play writer and moved to California. So many possibilities! I can’t wait to see this.

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This is Jim Fall himself below…woof! Just saying!