Admittedly, I didn’t watch Will and Grace when it aired originally. I did catch some eps here and there in the rerun universe, but I never saw the series all the way through. To be honest, I didn’t even like the characters of Will and Grace that much. I liked Karen and Jack far more than the series namesake characters. When I saw that the new series was going to make a come back, I was somewhat happy but I still have not actually watched the first episode yet. I can not even explain why I was never that curious about the original series and watching it all the way through like I have with other sitcoms. Do you like the series? Is the new series worth checking out?

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4 thoughts on “Will and Grace – Are You a Fan?

  1. I never liked the first one. It didn’t seem to be real to me. That was my experience of being a gay man in this country. No plans to watch the new one.

  2. The first three seasons of the original series were really funny. However it became reliant on celebrity guest stars and I stopped watching it for a while. I picked it back up toward the end and the finale was OK. The first episode of the comeback was really funny. I hope that they can keep the quality up and the celebrity guests down this time around. You should definitely watch the first episode and see for yourself.

  3. I watched the original series and have watched the first episode of the new one. It makes me laugh, and I need all the laughing I can get. That said, I can’t relate to any of the characters, and can’t picture myself being friends with any of them. It’s a take on the “gay experience” that is completely foreign to me

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