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Wonder Woman, Batman Beyond, JLA, Hulk and More in this Week’s Comic Load – 2/17/2017

It’s comic book day! This week we have Wonder Woman #17 – Princess Diana is still insane and being helped in a hospital while Cheetah is reverted back to her former state.
Action Comics #974 – Who is the fake Clark Kent? We start to explore who exactly this faker really is.
Batman Beyond #5 – The return of Bruce Wayne and one of his most dangerous enemies of all time!
Flash #17 – Barry takes on Captain Cold and most of the Rogues in this story finale.
Thanks #4 – Thano’s son Thane recruits several heroes/villains to try and take down his daddy, Thanos himself.
Inhumans vs. X-Men #5 – The build up for a massive battle is set and the teams are about to fight each other to the death, with both of their species at stake.
Hulk #3 – Jennifer Walters is still coming to grips with the death of her cousin Bruce Banner. She is the Hulk now.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #15 – Saint Walker is back and Guy is about to get into a huge fight with a Sinestro Corp member.
And Justice League America #1 – Batman and his Justice League lite take on a new alien threat. Great opening issue following their Rebirth!

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman, Batman Beyond, JLA, Hulk and More in this Week’s Comic Load – 2/17/2017

  1. I can’t wait to see Guy Gardner and Arkillo fight. I have a feeling they may end up as sector partners. The imposter Clark Kent thing is really weird…he’s acting very childish, which could be a big clue to who he is. I didn’t like Hulk #3 at all. They’re really drawing this out and she won’t even Hulk out until issue #5. I think I’ll drop this. I read the final issue of Scarlet Witch, which left a big question unanswered. It looks like her story will continue elsewhere so we’ll see if this is brought up again. I also read Spider-Woman #16, which ended the current storyline against Hobgoblin way too quickly. Then again it’s being cancelled next month so I shouldn’t be surprised (fucking Marvel). By the way, you look so cut clean shaven. I’m used to the scruff but you really do look good without it too.

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